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The Aftab Hotel is one of the modern hotels which is superbly located in a particular region in the north of Isfahan near the Holy Shrine of Zeynab (PBUH), the daughter of Imam Musa ibn Jafar Al-Kazim(PBUH). The hotel is equipped with the most modern HVAC Systems, Audio Visual Systems, Free Internet Access, and many other amenities. One of the noticeable features of the hotel is the precious location. The location of the Aftab hotel is easily accessible to the most prominent places like Isfahan Healthcare City, Fadak Shopping Center, Atiq Comprehensive Mosque and its Bazaar, Atiq Square, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, and many other significant places. Moreover, with a pleasant atmosphere and a memorable view of the Holy Shrine, the stunning rooftop coffee shop and restaurant is specifically organized to make indelible memories and moments for dear guests and others. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Aftab Hotel.

Aftab Hotel Rooms

This hotel provides you all different accommodations including double room, twin room, triple room, and quad room. The price of the rooms contains WiFi and breakfast free of charge.

Aftab Hotel Services

Simple and Easy VIP/CIP Transfer booking to/from airport to Aftab Hotel.

We accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX)

Complimentary Breakfast Buffet is available for guests every morning.

You will have access to the internet from the moment you reach the hotel.

If you need a parking space during your stay, you can have access to our private parking lot.

We always help you to know where you’re going. Explore Isfahan starts at Aftab Hotel.

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Aftab Hotel

“This hotel is small and nice.we were there for 2 nights. The cost is very good and resonable. Their employments are very politely, face laughing and responsible. Breakfast is normal. Cleanliness is very good. Service is good (Ahmad Ar/Tripadvisor)”

Aftab Hotel

“The hotel is clean, quiet and has reasonable prices. It's a bit far from the center but close to the airport. The reception can call taxis with good prices in order to reach the center. The personal is very nice and very helpful, especially M. Hamid. (Oag/Tripadvisor)”

Nice and clean

“Nice and clean place reasonable prices freindly and professional staff A little far from city center and naghsh e jahan square but near Isfahan airport. breakfast is good and healthy. I liked resturant. (Davoud M/Tripadvisor)”

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