Alamdar Hotel is a 3-star property located in Bafgh in the east of Yazd, the only UNESCO World Heritage City in Iran. Bafgh is about one hour and a half away from Yazd. This hotel is considered to be one of the luxury but budget hotels in Yazd. There are 21 rooms and suites designated with modern facilities. The great access point to the city center has made this hotel a reasonable option in Bafgh.

When you are done with exploring the town of Bafgh, it is time to discover the old structures of the historical city of Yazd. Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Zoroastrien’s Dakhmeh (Towers of silence), Sadri Garden, Dolat Abad Garden, Markar Clock Tower, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Alexander’s Prison, and Khan Complex are some of the landmarks you should make sure to visit. Hence, plan ahead to have enough time to visit these attractions.

As a 3-star hotel, this property has selected some amenities together with services for its guests. There is an elevator, fire escape, and a safe box. Furthermore, you can park your car in the parking of the hotel if you have one. In addition, the memorable taste of the drinks and dishes at the café and the restaurant will always last in your gastronomic memory. The restaurant welcomes you with Iranian and international dishes. To get rid of the fatigue of your travel, you can invite yourself to the Jacuzzi, swimming pool, and sauna. The services that the hotel provides are 24-hour reception, laundry, shoe-shining machine, tour services, facilities for the disabled, and transfer at extra costs.


Like many other hotels in Iran, this place is B&B as well. Therefore, you will have a fresh breakfast every morning of your stay for free. The facilities you can find in your room are a TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, refrigerator, tea maker, heater, cooler, and air conditioning system. In addition, you can ask for room service at any time. Furthermore, you can breathe fresh air on the balcony of your room.


Simple and Easy VIP/CIP Transfer booking! We will take care of transportation from airport to the Hotel Yazd.

We accept credit/debit cards. Master, Visa, AMEX (rates based on Central Bank of Iran)

Complimentary Breakfast Buffet is available for guests.

All Rooms feature the very latest facilities including LCD/Plasma television with satellite news channels and DVD player.

We know how important the internet is. We use it all the time for work, fun, and convenience.

If you need a parking space during your stay, you can use our private parking lot.

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