Traditional Alibaba Hotel Restaurant located the historical heart of Yazd , with the traditional texture that one of remaining monuments from Safavi age dating back four hundred and fifty years.

It had been located between Jaame Mosque and the Mausoleum of Seyyed Rokn Al-Din has made it different.

The hotel consists of nine rooms wich each of them has full equipment like a refrigerator, bathroom sink, toilet, cooling heating system and etc.

This building is from the collection of the Silk Road Hotel.


Rooms are located around a large courtyard wich it has a small pool with a beautiful fountain in the middle of it .Two rooms are on the roof ,with a view overlooking the entire historical texture of Yazd . This mansion has an old hall , two windward with a relaxing traditional environs , It has equipped with modern appliances and internet , The experience evokes good stay in the Iranian old house , getting to know the culture and tradition of the ancient bring passengers.

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