About Iravani Historical House

Iravani House is one of the Historical and Traditional houses of Isfahan, which is located in the heart of the historical Neighborhood City of Isfahan, which is more than 200 years old. This house consists of two mansions, In the Qajar era which has been currently being registered in the National Works of Iran. Iravani House is located in the old fabric historical city, adjacent to Isfahan’s Jame Mosque providing the Panoramic view of the dome and turquoise minarets of the Jame Mosque which adds more beauty of the house. From Jame Mosque to Naqsh-e-Jahan Square which is an old roofed bazaar the Street passes through some of the sightseeing places, Amongst them some of the visiting places such as Assarkhane Jamaleh, Atiq Square and etc. make this traditional path for comprehensive visiting to Isfahan. Iravani house has two courtyards with the beautiful Water Features, overlooking the courtyard through the Artistic colored Glass windows provides elegance to the rooms and gives the Royal touch.

Iravani Historical House Rooms

All rooms are located on three sides of two mansions, with lattice windows that reflect the light beautifully in the room making it a pleasure to relax in a traditional space with all the modern amenities you need. We have five types of rooms. twin, double, triple, Quad and connecting room.

Iravani Historical House Services

Simple and Easy VIP/CIP Transfer booking to/from airport to Iravani Historic House.

We accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX)

If you need to use the laundry it will be done with a small surcharge.

You will have access to the internet from the moment you reach the Iravani Historic House.

Complimentary Breakfast is available for guests every morning.

We always help you to know where you’re going. Explore Isfahan starts at Iravani Historic House.

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“This hotel is one of the best locations ever. We were so close to many restaurants and shops especially attractions. You don’t need to pay a lot to taxis. While the taxis you get from the hotel are safer and cheaper than the agencies. The management is the best and so kind. We had late checkout but we asked for a discount they said the late checkout is not affecting your bill. (George Atkinson/Tripadvisor)”

10/10 Service and accommodation

“I've recently visited Esfahan with family and have stayed at the Iravani Teaditona house. We have received excellent services from the staff at the Iravani hotel. The rooms were absolutely amazing and spotlessly cleaned, we felt like home. I highly recommend to anyone who wishes to visit Esfahan to stay at Iravani hotel, I'm sure you will be satisfied and you will receive a 10 stars service. (Francesca G/Tripadvisor)”

Traditional and good atmosphere

“I had the opportunity to stay in such a nice hotel like here which I never forget it because they made my trip in the best way They gave me a triple big room as a single one with the same price as a single room is. It was so clean and well decorated I didn’t like to leave it It was exactly like my second home. Breakfast is very tasty and variable. The location is only 10 min to plenty of shops and restaurants. (Klara H/Tripadvisor)”

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