Are you planning to watch the traditional ceremony of Ghali Shooyan (Carpet Washers)? Then, Khorshid Ardehal Hotel can be a good choice for you. This 3-star hotel is located on the 50th kilometer of the Kashan – Mashhad Ardehal Road. Let’s read more about this hotel and Kashan’s ceremony.

Kashan county is famous for its traditional houses and of course out of this world festivals and ceremonies. If you are travelling to Kashan in spring especially in April and May, you are lucky to see rosewater festival. You may be surprised to know that Kashan is located in a half-desert area. But still, it has numerous rose gardens. There are other festivals in Kashan during spring such as Gol Ghaltan (rolling newborn babies in roses). If you are interested in religious ceremonies and visiting Kashan during October (Second Friday of the 7th month of the Persian calendar, ”Mehr”), you have a chance to see ”Ghali Shooyan” ceremony which is held in a city named Mashhad Ardehal near to Kashan.

You can find a refrigerator, furniture, lampshade, clothes stand, and closet in your room. Also, there is a TV set for your convenience. Each room has a private bathroom with a shower, toiletries, and occidental toilet. You can also enjoy the view of the city from your cozy balcony. Don’t forget that breakfast is free.

If you want to spend one or a couple of nights in a Persian style in Kashan, you can choose Khorshid Ardehal Hotel. Reserve your room in advance here on Apochi and plan your next adventure to the city of rosewater. Also, we speak your language. So, if you have further question, feel free to contact us.


This hotel offers 27 units in a variety of capacities. You can choose from twin, triple, quad, and Penta rooms. As you can see, this hotel is suitable for families. Another advantage for families is that the hotel is kid-friendly. All the kids under two can stay for free and little ones between two and six are half-charged. This hotel has two restaurants and a coffee shop.


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Sitting on the throne of memories, with an extraordinary view, and tasting the bittersweet flavor of the past

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Original Iranian designs, in Kashan

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