Behi-Shojai Historical House is a courtyard house located in the historical district of Kashan. The construction of the house dates back around 150 years back to Qajar Dynasty Period. Behi-Shojai Historical House is listed as a national heritage by Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization and protected under the law. The conservation project took place between Spring 2016 until Autumn 2017 by designers Amir Shojai and Seyed Mehdi Roshan.

Saraye Amir Kashan is defined as an introvert house which tends to hide what exists inside, insisting on privacy and seclusion of the house. The beauty of the architecture could be observed only when you are inside the building or in its courtyard. The house is accessed from the street level and the central courtyard is below the ground level, referred to as a sunken courtyard, which not only provides ultimate privacy for those who stay, but especially has an extra passive cooling effect during hot seasons.

Saraye Amir Kashan is a reminiscent of a traditional lifestyle where the family were spending time together and were in close contact with their sacred open spaces throughout their daily journeys around the house.


This large room called panj dari or five doored room in Farsi, in the upper (ground) level has a private bathroom and is equipped with a double bed and three single beds.


Simple and Easy VIP/CIP Transfer booking! We will take care of transportation to/from Airport to Saraye Amir.

At Saraye Amir, we know how important the internet is. We use it all the time for work, fun, and convenience.

All Rooms feature the very latest facilities including LCD/Plasma television with satellite news channels and DVD player.

We always help you to know where you’re going. Explore Kashan starts at Saraye Amir.

We accept credit/debit cards. Master, Visa, AMEX (rates based on Central Bank of Iran)

Complimentary Breakfast Buffet is available for guests.

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