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Located in the heart of the historical city, Isfahan. Sepahan Hotel is built in 2007 and it was renovated in 2017.  This 3-star hotel is in the vicinity of major tourist attractions and shopping centers. Attractions like Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Ali Qapu, Hasht Behesht Palace, Imam Mosque, and Chehel Sotoun Palace are so close. Mashrouteh House Of Isfahan is only 550 meters away. So you can get there in 7 minutes on foot.

It has a restaurant and a traditional tea house, which serves you different foods and beverages. The restaurant serves Asian cuisines. It has a capacity of 80 people. You can also enjoy the buffet breakfast at the property. Additionally, it has an outdoor teahouse on the fourth floor where guests can enjoy the view of the wonderful historical monuments of Isfahan like Imam Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace. There you can enjoy so many beverages and cakes.

It features facilities and welfares such as fridge, wardrobe, TV, bathroom, slipper, western toilet, heater, and chiller, free Wi-Fi throughout the whole hotel, air conditioner, and room service. Each floor also has a local toilet. The hotel offers 24-hour front desk, tour services, and wake-up call. The hotel has a meeting room, coffee shop, parking, and pool service. Parking has a capacity of 20 cars. Additionally, it has a praying room, store, and a library.


It is a 5-floor building with 42 rooms. The total number of beds is 120. It includes different types of rooms like budget twin rooms, family rooms, budget double room, and a basic triple room. Considering your budget, you can choose a suitable type of room.


Simple and Easy VIP/CIP Transfer booking! We will take care of transportation from the airport to Sepahan hotel Isfahan.

We accept all major credit/debit cards. (MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX)

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We always welcome you to Sepahan hotel Esfahan, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We know how important the internet is. We use it all the time for work, fun, and convenience.

If you need a parking space during your stay, you can use our private parking lot.

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great entry point to Isfahan

“The location of the hotel is excellent. From here you easily walk to the bridges, and it is very close to the bazaar, particularly to the workshops where you can witness the craftsmanship with which traditional copper work is made. Through the bazaar you getto the amazing central square. Marieke_2106, TripAdvisor”

Pleasant and quiet hotel in the centre of Isfahan

“From the Sepahan hotel it is just a nice10 minute stroll through the old bazar to Naqsh-e Jahan Square. Most other Isfahan sites are also within walking distance. The hotel is quiet, clean and has spacious rooms with good beds, airco, Wifi and a perfect hot shower with plenty of water. Breakfast is in the restaurant on the top floor and is excellent: the traditional bread/tomato/cucumber/olive/cheese selection but also fresh yoghurt and honey form the comb and lots of other stuff. Dutch_fem, TripAdvisor”

nice modern hotel

“This hotel, situated within walking distance from the magnificent Naqsh-e Jahansquare, is quite nice. The rooms and beds are good, the food not too bad. The lobby and elevator are very beautiful. The restaurant is situated on the top floor and gives a nice view over the city. The buildings on the big square can be seen from here. Math1482, TripAdvisor”

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